Encouraging control of health,
wellbeing and carbon footprint

Encouraging control of health, wellbeing and carbon footprint

Our mission is to create a framework to show other cafés that a sustainable
and environmentally focused café can be an economically viable business.

Raising awareness of where our food comes from

Knowing the ingredients behind your food and where it comes from makes it easier to make the right choices for your health.

To give you this option, we aim to use local suppliers for every ingredient, keep track of our inventory to reduce food waste, look for green transport methods, find ways to re-purpose coffee grounds and donate our food waste as compost for local allotments around the corner. Everybody wins.

The origin of how we started our café

Although he is a data-driven, analytical CEO and fitness fanatic, Gope Walker's real passion is community. Dreaming of a space that brings people together, opportunities for people to meet their neighbours or just a safe space to relax in, Café Kraken was founded with our OX4 in mind.

It has also been designed with health and wellbeing in mind, with cosy moss ceilings, gentle background music, sound-proof windows to reduce road noise and free water on tap to keep everyone hydrated.

Our future

Fortunate to be in an area with so much potential, we want to utilise as many local suppliers as economically viable. This will be an evolutionary process that will involve determining the economic impact of all suppliers' transport methods to bring products to our café.

We want to involve the local community to grow to produce that we can utilise. We have plenty of local allotments nearby to provide fruit and veg, and we can donate food waste and coffee grounds as compost. Much of this can be transported by bike to make the whole process 100% green.